Michael Stonedge - Founder of the Feast

I wrote my first song when I was 9, took my first guitar lesson at 11, performed in my first stage play (junior high school) at 13 and played in my first band when I was 15 (strangely enough I played bass and not guitar, but that’s another story). Since then I have educated myself in my career choice by gaining experience working in various areas of the entertainment business (radio, television/cable, movies/videos, media, production, etc.) but writing and performing music has always been my one true love. Over the span of my career I have accumulated various awards and honors for my work and have worked with many talented entertainers. Here is a history of my musical performing and recording projects/bands. Blind Vision 1978 - Smoker Joe and the Headband 1979 - The Reel Garage Band 1981 - AOI 1982 - Stage Riders 1983 - Sons of Liberty 1987 - Fast Train 1990 - Mission of Mercy 1993 - E.S.P. 1995 - WaxCaravan/The Dirty Dogs 2002 - Ancient Tongues 2007 - StoneWorks 2011 - WaxCaravan 2016 (WaxCaravan reformed in 2016).


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Mission of Mercy "This is how you rock and roll"

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